Month: September 2016


Patriotism   Patriotism is a great feeling to have. You can be patriotic about many things: your country, a certain sports team, or a popular band. But having too much of a good thing can be very bad. Patriotism is the emotional attachment one has to something, particularly a country.     Patriotism is a …

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Summer Narrative

Essay #1 Personal Narrative ENC1101 – Section #6111                                                                             Word Count: 601 Mrs. Rutter Date: 9/14/16   Summer Narrative   I have never been one to shy away the chance to work for pay. For the past few years I looked for a job that would hire me, none would. It was not that I was …

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Yesterday was the big day and pretty much all weekend long have been meeting up with friends to celebrate. I am giving my liver CPR as we speak. Yes, Mom and I did get together too. We went to Sweet Tomatoes and she brought me a piece of cake she got from her complex dining …

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