Yesterday was the big day and pretty much all weekend long have been meeting up with friends to celebrate. I am giving my liver CPR as we speak. Yes, Mom and I did get together too. We went to Sweet Tomatoes and she brought me a piece of cake she got from her complex dining room the night before, it was so nice. This was just another year, but damn did it come quickly. My next big purchase will be an updated phone. My phone is a dinosaur. If people send me a long text my phone breaks it down into separate texts. I miss you and our talks. I did the same thing, running over to your cubicle to tell you something. I miss you and some of the others, not LT though, I am sorry Linda Thurmond Murrell. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I hope Tyler and Trev are doing okay. I am still plugging along in the job front and know one day something will come up. I still think age discrimination is playing into some of these.
One other thing, Lacey is due in about 3 weeks. Like I said, damn it came quickly.
Love you and miss you too.

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