The Conspiracy Club Summary IV

The Conspiracy Club Summary IV



Jeremy learns that all of the CCC members have one thing in common, tragic loss. All of the members have had a loved one die in a tragic way such as murder or freak accident. Jeremy sees the members of the CCC in a different light and tries even harder to connect the pieces.



After days of stalking and watching Dr. Dirgrove, Jeremy concludes that he is not the murderer but just an adulterer and cheap player. He acts like a player but is a family man at heart. Detective Doresh hunts down Dr. Carrier and confronts him. The two agree to talk in the hospital church and discuss the matters of Jeremy’s recent whereabouts. As to asking why, Jeremy finds out that another has been murdered in the same fashion as everyone else.



After his discussion with Doresh, Jeremy has a click in his head. He connects the pieces and figures out that he has checked out everyone expect for one person, the person Dirgrove was arguing with. Doing research, he finds out that the man is Dirgroves step-brother. Carrier confronts Dirgroves mistress and blackmails her into telling all of the details she knows about the brother, Augusto Graves.  Connecting all the grueling evidence, Carrier figures that the only possible person that could be behind all of the surgical-like murders was Graves.



With rage and vengeance swelling up inside of him, Jeremy wishes to visit him personally. His office was empty but he managed to find a home address. His house in a penthouse styled apartment within the main city. He chatted with the valet and bribed a key to Graves personal storage. Jeremy sneaked into his storage room to find Graves working on another person’s body, who appeared to be like Angela. After leaping on him in rage and fighting him over the laser, Graves was shot dead by Detective Doresh, who had tailed Jeremy.



With the death of the murdering surgeon, Angela and Jeremy were able to live in peace and without fear or worry of murder or traps. They continue on with their lives as they would normally.

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