Patriotism is a great feeling to have. You can be patriotic about many things: your country, a certain sports team, or a popular band. But having too much of a good thing can be very bad. Patriotism is the emotional attachment one has to something, particularly a country.



Patriotism is a good thing to have. Having it shows that you love your country and defend what it stands for. Having this feeling is what brings a country together in times of hardship. During the Great Depression in the United States, patriotism gave people a reason to keep believing in their country. The people voted for the president that got them out of such terrible decline



Some countries celebrate their independence. Here in the United States we celebrate our independence on the 4th of July. We do this to honor our ancestors and to show that we are grateful for what we have. Some countries do not celebrate triumphs or independence. They do this as not to continue hate for the other people. An example would be the British not celebrating their victory in both of the World Wars.



Being patriotic does not mean you have to agree with everything your country does. It means to love your country and the people in it. Disagreeing with harmful, inhumane, or immoral decisions does not mean you are unpatriotic, its giving a voice to the people. Speaking against what others think for positive change is healthy for any society and is what causes change.



There are some people, however, who can be too patriotic for their country. They can take things to a next level and try to forcefully change things to what they believe is best for their country. Terrorism is hurtful to all involved. It hurts the people committing it by shaming their country and it hurt the victim by damaging their country and their people. It may even spur on unnecessary and unwanted war.



It should be a virtue, patriotism, and not taken too extremely. Enough patriotism is good and healthy for a country but too much can make it hated and hurt it. Too much may even hurt those who want nothing to do with someone else. Patriotism should be had in moderation, as too much can hurt everyone.

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