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It is fun saying that again. I see you are still up bright and early before your morning workout. I am doing okay, plugging along in an attempt to find new employment. One thing I can say is my stress level, even though unemployed at present, is next to none. You and I talked quite a bit about the crap that was going on before I left. On occasion before I was let go I checked my BP and it was off the scale. It increased after Linda T took over. I did cash out a 401k which has given me a cushion. Hated to do it, but had to. I gave 7 years to that place. I have been on quite a few interviews and attended a job fare this week and have got some pretty nice inquires. One of them is UPS. I guess I may need to start thing brown. I
feel confident something will come up. I am getting hits on the US govt website too. It helps I am a vet, you get extra “points” being a vet.

I got your email about Tina. It is sad but with Linda around a couple of things, if you are not doing your job, bye-bye. The second, in with the new out with the old. I hope Tina has some monies to carry her for a bit. I had actually spoken to her in the parking lot the day I left. She told me she had been written up that week and that it was her final.

My brother, sis-law, nephew from TX came in a week a go to surprise my Mom. We had a blast.

No one in my family except Deed knows I am out of work. It would put my Mom over the edge. Speaking of Deed, Lacey is pregnant and due 11/5. Another item my Mom does not know yet. I spoke with Deed this week and she said she may be out of a job soon. She is in the travel business and said her numbers are way down. She also stated her and her boss do not get along. Deed tends to say what is on her mind.

When are you moving into the new building?

Take care. I miss you too. I really miss our morning chats. Trev and Tyler are probably counting the days down to their last day of school.

Donna was counting the days for retirement. She is a neat lady and I always had fun talking with her.

Talk with you soon.

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